Gadabouting Our Way to Japan!

Japan: Land of the Rising Sun
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Summer 2021

If you have followed me and my journey for a while, you will know that traveling my way through the world is something that I love to do. More specifically, I travel with my students. I have always taken pride in the authentic relationships I am able to build with my students throughout the year–when I added traveling with students to my tool belt, I am truly able to experience something that is unforgettable.

Traveling overseas brought a newfound perspective on my life and knowledge. In
college, I was able to experience my first international trip to Africa, and it was during this trip that I fell in love with everything that traveling abroad has to offer. From my personal experiences with experiential learning, cultural immersion, and overall confidence building–traveling abroad provided me with learning experiences that are simply difficult to recreate within the confines of a classroom.
Ever since I became a teacher in 2011, I have wanted to provide my students with the
opportunity to travel overseas (or domestically) to deepen their commitment to learning.
There is something about students seeing something firsthand as opposed to just looking at a picture in a textbook—which ultimately makes it easier to connect to the topics introduced within a classroom. The excitement, visual stimulation, and first-hand experiences help students retain knowledge—overall promoting natural curiosity and interest in exploring their world.

Paris & London 2016

Bell Italia 2017

Ireland & Scotland 2019

Student Testimony

Travel allows you to empathize with people on a deeper level. You can learn learn so much from traveling– it allows the opportunity to take things you learn in the classroom and put it into something that is vivid and real.

Rachel Castellani, Southside Christian School Class of 2019

Japan Informational Meeting

If you are interested in coming to Japan–June 2021, please join us on January 17, 2020 at the Simpsonville Library (Address: 626 NE Main St, Simpsonville, SC 2968) at 4:45.

Clemson University Senior Capstone Project

Masters in Education: Teaching & Learning (Instructional Coaching)

If you are interested in reading the full study, I have attached the file for you above! There are several students who participated in the study–if you want to view their responses, read the RESULTS section–which starts on page 17.


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