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Hello! I'm Angie Wilson, the spirited soul behind The Gadabouter. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, with a rich Puerto Rican heritage, I've always been drawn to the colorful tapestry of cultures and landscapes our world offers. A proud wife, mother, and former high school English teacher, I've dedicated over a decade to nurturing young minds and family values. My journey into travel was kindled by an eye-opening trip to Namibia, igniting a passion that has since become a way of life. As a Disney World passholder and enthusiast, I share the magic of Disney with my two beloved children, Lilli and Jonah, creating memories that echo the joys of my childhood in Florida. Now residing in South Carolina, I embrace each season, especially the vibrant hues of autumn, as a reminder of life's ever-changing beauty. From the discipline of a collegiate soccer player to the nurturing spirit of a teacher, every role I've embraced enriches my approach to travel planning. My mission is to encourage and inspire, weaving the threads of travel, culture, and storytelling into a tapestry that brings joy and wonder to fellow travelers.

Travel Planner, Storyteller, and Lifelong Explorer

Angie Wilson: A Heart That Wanders, & A Mind That Dreams

The Gadabouter is born from a dream – a vision to make travel not just a journey, but a rich tapestry of experiences and stories. As the brainchild of Angie Wilson, a fervent explorer and seasoned travel planner, The Gadabouter stands as a testament to the belief that travel is about more than just destinations; it's about discovery, growth, and the joy of the unexpected. Here, every itinerary is a narrative, each destination a chapter in your personal adventure book. From the enchantment of Disney trips to the allure of uncharted international terrains, The Gadabouter is committed to crafting travel experiences that resonate with your personal story and aspirations. We believe in the transformative power of travel – it's about embarking on a journey that captures the heart, delights the soul, and leaves you with memories that are cherished long after you've returned home. Welcome to The Gadabouter, where your travel story awaits.

The Gadabouter


More Than Just Travel – An Invitation to Explore

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Embark on a journey uniquely yours with The Gadabouter, where personalization is at the heart of every adventure. As your dedicated travel advisor, I, Angie, am committed to transforming your travel aspirations into tailor-made realities. From serene beach retreats to exhilarating global explorations, your desires shape every itinerary. Dive into a world where every journey is a reflection of you.

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