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I don’t even know where to begin. The past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind–but honestly, David and I have been praying a lot lately. Praying for a clear vision of what we want our future to look like and how we want to continue raising our family. We have read several books–that I recently shared on Instagram, that completely shifted our perspective on how we want to approach parenthood with our two little ones.

If you are looking for some good reads–especially on how to shift your perspective on Godly parenthood, I would suggest reading these two books.

Both books focus on defeating the toxic traits of the overworked and self-seeking American family–seeking a household under God’s divine true intentions of the family dynamic.

To say my perspective has changed–entirely, is an understatement. It has propelled me into thinking about the future and what changes we have to make in the present to get us there.

Without going into too many details now, I will say this: our family dynamic has never been better and we are incredibly excited for what the future holds. Our ultimate goal that both David and I are working hard to achieve, is providing our family with a homestead in which we can thrive as a family–with a lot more open space to do so!

As my teaching year approaches a close, this summer, I can going to take in all the time I can get with my little ones–while also working on a few endeavors; some new some old. While working toward that homestead, one day, I would love to be a stay at home mom–finding something that will allow me to work from home while not completely losing my teaching income. While there have been many options that have crossed my path…one particular opportunity has pulled my heart strings.

I just recently accepted a position working with White Glove Concierge Vacations. As a travel agent, I am going to help plan vacations for families free of charge! As travel has been such a huge part of my life, I am excited to be able to help families make their travel dreams come true.

Some of the destinations that we provide travel planning for are but not limited to are:

Disney World Resort & Tickets

Disneyland Resort and Tickets

Disney Cruise Line

Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa (Hawaii)

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort

Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

Adventures by Disney

Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure

Sandals & Beaches (16 Resorts)

Norwegian Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines

Alaska Airlines Vacations

AmaWaterways (River Cruises)

If you are interested in planning an upcoming vacation, I would love to help you!!

Please email me at angie@whitegloveconciergevacations.com

I am so thankful to have you all here.

Say a prayer for teachers as we are all counting down the days until summer!

Much love and happy travels,



Fear of the Future


You can’t change the future but fear of the future can change you. 

I started a new bible study on Tuesday and it’s been eyeopening. 

It propelled me to think how emotions really do like to lead us through life if we allow them to. As they lead us through our lives, no matter the path, emotions can have quite an impressionable impact on the choices we make—dictating our future. 

H.P Lovecraft once said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” 

Out of all emotions, fear is the one emotion that holds so many of us back from achieving greatness—as fear of the unknown seems to overpower our capability of taking leaps that could change our life forever. 

Could you imagine what life would be like if you pushed aside the fear of the what-ifs and just took action over your life? What is fear holding you back from?

Today, I feel compelled to live in the moment, responsible for my future—but not allow fear to hold me back from limitless potential. 

So friends, when fear comes knocking— do you run or stand up and fight?

Much love,

The Gadabouter


Health Update

Having babies has been one of the most amazing blessings, but if I said it’s been all butterflies and rainbows every step of the way, I would be lying to ya.

The changes my body has undergone—having two c-sections, an umbilical hernia repair, and battling depression & anxiety postpartum— has NOT been easy.

Even despite those challenges, God has placed me on a path toward discovery who I am as a wife, mom, and person in this world.

To combat these challenges, I dove into educating myself on what I can do naturally—without numbing myself through medication.

🌱I eliminated artificial fragrance from my life—saying goodbye to Bath and Body Works products, Tide detergent, candles, and my great smelling shampoo & conditioner. More than 95% of chemicals in synthetic fragrances are derived from petrochemicals. These toxins are capable of causing cancer, birth defects, nervous system disorders and allergies.

🌱Saying goodbye to toxic cleaning products that say on the warning label—call poison control if product is in your eyes, skin, or if inhaled without a fresh air source.

🌱The caffeine mistake: saying goodbye to caffeinated coffee—high levels of caffeine can cause higher levels of anxiety and cause damage to your adrenal glands overtime—leading damaged skin, brain fog, severe focus & concentration problems, fatigue, hair loss, and weight gain.

🌱Getting off birth control after 5 years—which caused depression & mood swings, hair loss, loss of libido, fatigue, and weight gain. Natural family planning has given me power and knowledge over my body.

🌱Working out and moving my body at least 3 times a week.

🌱Seeing medical professionals who educate me as opposed to giving me a pill to solve problems that can be solved with some simple life changes.

Thursday last week, I found out I was allergic to gluten, dairy, and peanuts. It ultimately explains so much of what I have been struggling with–despite all the other lifestyle changes.

Even though I know this is another step on the path to feeling my best, I am excited to start feeling better— making the best of everyday God blesses me with on Earth.

I will continue to share my journey with you all, in hopes of helping someone who may be going through something similar to me. By sharing my favorite meals and products, I hope you guys can help me along my journey, as I would love to help you along yours too—whatever that journey may look like for you!! We are stronger together!

The Gadabouter

American Eagle New Arrivals

Heyyyyy there!! Spring time is right around the corner–and in the Wilson household, we could not be more freakin’ excited.

My husband was washing his car yesterday after school and as I walked into the door with my hands full, I stopped to admire the sound of the birds chirping, and the sound of a distant lawnmower. I know it may sound silly, but both sounds made me soooo happy.

Today’s high in Greenville is about 80 degree fahrenheit and it’s givin’ me all the spring vibes. Even though Spring doesn’t officially start until March 20th, I am mentally already there.

I wanted to share some American Eagle finds this morning with you guys. Such great deals and the cutest outfits that remind me of one of my favorite times of year. Gimme all the pastels!

Shop the clothes above by clicking the link below the picture!

I hope you guys have the best day!

The Gadabouter


Arbonne’s Newest Consultant

You’re lookin’ at one of @arbonne ‘s newest consultants 🤩🤩

I could not be more excited to partner with a company who cares so much about cultivating & providing products that promote a healthy lifestyle!

My passion for holistic products allows Arbonne to fit into my everyday life so well and I am so thankful for @itsbethanylila for reaching out to me all the way from the UK–wanting me to join her team of AMAZING ladies.

I am working hard to one day be my own boss full time and not be confined to my current profession–which has me currently stressed beyond belief 🙈🙈

Here’s to hustling my way through this new venture and being more present for my family–all while helping others and building a community of freakin’ rockstars.

So excited to take you on this journey!!

The Gadabouter

Halloween/Fall Themed Sweatshirts

With fall here, cooler weather at night, and the changing of the leaves–I feel a newfound sense of energy. Being a Florida girl, I never really experienced fall until I moved to South Carolina–and I do have to admit, I think it is my favorite season by far.

Last week, the family and I went apple picking at Sky Top Orchards. We had the best time picking apples, eating apple cider donuts, and riding a hay ride through the property. Although it was not as cool as I would have liked, it was still cool enough outside to wear a sweater. The cooler weather has motivated me to find some Fall/Halloween inspired outerwear which coordinates with my jovial spirit! Most of my finds are from Etsy–which makes my heart so happy thinking about supporting a small business.

Let me know which one is your favorite!!!

Happy Shopping,

The Gadabouter

Target’s Fall Décor

Hey guys!!! There was a crispness to the air this morning and I could not be more excited. 60 degree weather during the summer–get’s this Florida girl excited.

I have been wanting to create this blog post for the longest time, but man, the start of the school year has been an incredibly stressful one. It seems that out of all my 11 years of teaching, this has been the more stressful start to the school year BY FAR.

Target décor is always amazing but there is something about fall décor that makes me so happy about the upcoming season(s).

Here is some of my favorite finds…I will make sure to link all the products as well so it is easy for you to shop anything you like.

Happy shopping,

The Gadabouter

Target Try On

I was in quite a funk the couple days after we got home from our 4th of July vacation to Tennessee to visit my family. We had the best time celebrating independence in the mountains–don’t get me wrong, but coming back home, I had a ton of laundry, unpacking, and lots to catch up on. It always takes me a couple days to get everything back to normal–so to speak.

Yesterday, I got up, got ready (I even put on some makeup) and I felt like a brand new person! It’s funny how just the act of getting ready can shift your mindset sometimes. I asked my husband if he could watch the kiddos and this mama left for a Target date with MYSELF.

Not even kidding, I had the best time. I treated myself to a matcha latte, strolled the aisles with nothing to purchase in mind, and I had no kids asking me to go to the toy aisle, or “mommy, are you done yet.”


Can any other mamas out there relate, lol?

The most fun I had was trying on clothes–for the fun of it! I guess I had back to school outfits in the back of my mind but in reality, it was fun to play dress up–the perfect medicine to get out of that mental funk I couldn’t seem to shake two days before.

If you follow me on Instagram (@angietorreswilson), I had a poll on each outfit. It was so fun to get you guys involved on what you liked and what you didn’t like. TBH, it didn’t make my job picking out the outfits any easier because you guys seemed to like almost everything, lol!

If you missed out on the fun yesterday, I wanted to share the outfits on here and break everything down for you–just in case you liked these outfits as much as me. What I love about Target is how up to date they are with fashion trends and its incredibly affordable.

Slim Fit Tank Top (linked) is only $9.00 and it a staple for summer! I am wearing a large. It’s so soft and comfortable. These purple pants are life–so incredibly comfortable, high-waisted, and it comes in so many color options (linked here). The pants are $29.99. I would size down one. I am normally a size 12 and bought a size 10.

Love me a good graphic tee (linked). This tee does not fit oversized–its more fitting. I am wearing a large. I would go up a size if you want a larger fit. The pants are mid-waisted and slightly distressed, TTS (linked). I will put another picture below since you can’t see them very well.

Even though this dress was a little wrinkled, I fell in love with how comfortable and colorful this dress is (linked). The ruffles on the sleeves are the perfect touch. There is a little cutout in the back as well. This dress is $29.99.

This is the same dress (linked) as above, just in a different pattern. Both are priced the same. Which one do you like more?

I believe 100% of you guys wanted me to buy this beauty (linked)! It is so comfy and perfect for summer. I could imagine wearing it during fall as well with a cute little sweater. It’s at a modest length as well. I am wearing a size medium. This dress is $27.99.

Knox Rose at Target has so much cute affordable options. This tee is no exception (linked). The details allow you to dress it up or down. I am wearing them with some shorts I got recently from American Eagle. I am wearing a size large and this shirt costs $24.99.

I think this shirt has to be my favorite (linked). It is Knox Rose like the shirt above. I love the embroidery and cute little buttons. Again, I totally see this being able to dress up or down. I am wearing a size large and this shirt costs $27.99.

Women's Embroidered Short Sleeve Double Ruffle Top - Knox Rose™ Rust - image 1 of 4
Women’s Embroidered Short Sleeve Double Ruffle Top – Knox Rose™ Rust

Picture Roundup

I appreciate you guys shopping with me! It was so fun. I would love to do it again soon…but the questions is do I hit up Target again or go somewhere new like Old Navy?

Let me know!!!

All about that affordable fashion! 😉

Happy Shopping,

The Gadabouter

Target’s Summer Sale


Hey guys!!! I hope you are having the best weekend. I wanted to share my favorite finds from Target’s summer sale–which ends this Monday, July 5th. To be honest, I am a little underwhelmed with the clothing options on sale–but I linked the few things I thought would be of interest!!

This sleeveless button-front dress is super cute. They have a variety of colors but the black dress and the pink in white is currently fully stocked. It was originally priced at $29.99 and on sale for $25.00.

I found the cutest summer tank that you can dress up or down! All for the sale price of $6.00!! Say whattt, I will take one in every color!

I love a good pair of comfy shorts and these do not disappoint! They are on sale for $17.00.


This summer sale you can get up to 15% off using the code JULY on select pieces of furniture.

This end table isn’t necessarily on sale but it is 20% off with same day order services! I thought it was too cute I just had to share. It is a Studio McGee piece.

Another Studio McGee piece that is a little on the pricey side but gives me all the Serena and Lily vibes! Originally this piece costs $330.00 and is on sale for $264.00.

I have been eyeing these chairs for a little while and I can’t believe they are on sale–$50.00 off the original price of $250.00.

I love our coffee table but do wish this one was around when we were shopping for one! I love how chunky it is and it is priced well at $104.00

I will post anything else I randomly find throughout the next day or so but wanted to share what I could with you all. Check my liketoknow.it for all my other finds! Just click the picture below 🙂

Happy Shopping,

The Gadabouter