Fear of the Future


You can’t change the future but fear of the future can change you. 

I started a new bible study on Tuesday and it’s been eyeopening. 

It propelled me to think how emotions really do like to lead us through life if we allow them to. As they lead us through our lives, no matter the path, emotions can have quite an impressionable impact on the choices we make—dictating our future. 

H.P Lovecraft once said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.” 

Out of all emotions, fear is the one emotion that holds so many of us back from achieving greatness—as fear of the unknown seems to overpower our capability of taking leaps that could change our life forever. 

Could you imagine what life would be like if you pushed aside the fear of the what-ifs and just took action over your life? What is fear holding you back from?

Today, I feel compelled to live in the moment, responsible for my future—but not allow fear to hold me back from limitless potential. 

So friends, when fear comes knocking— do you run or stand up and fight?

Much love,

The Gadabouter

Published by Angie T Wilson

Don’t mind me–I am just gadabouting through the short and precious thing we call life. My name is Angie Wilson. I am a God loving wife, mother, teacher, traveler, and lover of all things that bring me joy. My goal of this blog is to share that joy with the world.

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