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Health Update

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Motherhood | October 24, 2021

Having babies has been one of the most amazing blessings, but if I said it’s been all butterflies and rainbows every step of the way, I would be lying to ya. The changes my body has undergone—having two c-sections, an umbilical hernia repair, and battling depression & anxiety postpartum— has NOT been easy. Even despite […]

A Mom’s Busy Weekend

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Uncategorized | April 19, 2021

I don’t know what came over me this weekend but I was MOTIVATED to get some stuff done. Not sure about you all, but I get in these moods where I need to nest (even though this mama is NOT pregnant). Over the weekends, I typically find myself in two different types of moods. Relaxation […]

National Drink Wine Day

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Food | February 18, 2020

Happy happy day! Today we get to celebrate the wonder of such a delectable beverage–WINE! Believe it or not, wine used to be consumed more than water. In the Dark Ages, wine was more considered more safe to drink than water was…making it the most widely consumed beverage of its time. Today, wine is still […]