A Mom’s Busy Weekend

I don’t know what came over me this weekend but I was MOTIVATED to get some stuff done.

Not sure about you all, but I get in these moods where I need to nest (even though this mama is NOT pregnant).

Over the weekends, I typically find myself in two different types of moods.

  1. Relaxation Mood
    • When I am in this mood, my kids and I find ourselves staying at home all weekend–unwinding from a stressful work/school week.
    • In this mood, grocery shopping is delivered, house is somewhat cleaned, and we spend our time watching Disney movies, eating popcorn, ordering Door Dash, and cuddling on our huge sectional sofa.
  2. Get Crap Done Mood
    • In this mood, my kids and and I find ourselves havin’ fun while getting some stuff done. Ok, who am I kidding, I am most likely the one getting the stuff done–but they are pretty good helpers.
    • House is deep cleaned and organized.
    • We spend lots of time outside.
    • We bake and make some pretty epic meals at home.

This weekend, I was in total Get Crap Done mood.

Since Friday was an e-Learning day in Greenville County, I was able to work from home, teacher Lilli, all while organizing our toy closet upstairs. We desperately need more storage space in our house and figured I would tackle that project while I was motivated to do so.

I decided to get the kiddos involved and they were ended up helping SO much. We organized things in piles and the kids had so much and almost made it into a competition of sorts. There was a trash pile, a donate pile, a Roblox pile, a Pokemon pile, a figure pile, and a lego pile. Whewww, that was a lot of piles.

With Jonah having mostly toys, we had not gone through Lilli’s closet in quite some time. As she is 7 years old, finding things that were 4T definitely sent me down memory lane.

As kids get older, I think it is important for them to be a part of the process. Being able to determine what they can let go of, donate it, and mentally understand the importance of helping bless others with the things we no longer use or have grown out of.

Feature Wall Update

On top of our organizational Friday, I spent the day Saturday at Lilli’s soccer games and running errands. Sunday, after church, we said goodbye to my parents as they were both here for the weekend, and I started a little project on my own.

As many of your know, we have been turning our SPEC home into our style–room by room. Our last big project was our Front Room–which used to be our dining room, and I was itching to do something else in our home (just not as expensive, lol).

Before and After

I bought PVC molding for $2.58 a piece (I bought a total of 25 pieces). I basically eyed the pattern and glued the pieces down with a strong glue (linked here) and caulked the seems for a finished look.

You can see the product by clicking here.

The paint is Magnolia home and the color is Garden Party.

You can see the product by clicking here.

All in all, this project cost be about $100 total. Even though I would love an updated sectional, we have to budget a bit before pulling the trigger on that purchase. In the meantime, we love adding a little bit of color and life to the space.

Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions ❤

Whataaaa weekend!

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