Happy Birthday Lillianna Noelle

Happy birthday to you baby girl. How can words ever do justice for how much joy you bring to my life. God most certainly knew what he was doing when he chose me to be you mama.

My hope for you is to simply grow in a household full of love. I hope you always feel wanted and confident in who you are. I pray for your future while enjoying every moment I get to spend with you. Lilli, may you continue to smile everyday–your smile brings light to this dark world.

May God continue to bless your life and may you always rely on Him.

Happy birthday baby girl.



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Happy 2nd Birthday

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Happy 5th Birthday

Happy 6th Birthday

Published by Angie T Wilson

Don’t mind me–I am just gadabouting through the short and precious thing we call life. My name is Angie Wilson. I am a God loving wife, mother, teacher, traveler, and lover of all things that bring me joy. My goal of this blog is to share that joy with the world.

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